Transforming a place for travel into a place for health

An app only for trains with training programs

‘TRAIN’ing is a new smartphone application to use while traveling on trains
which transforms trains from a place of travel into a place for growth.
The application will communicate with the J-Beacon installed in the latest Yamanote Line trains and propose a ‘TRAIN’ing program which matches your needs, travel time, location and congestion status.

This application was developed under the supervision of
health fitness programmers and fitness instructors from JEXER, run by JR East Sports.
The program offers authentic training that can be completed over a short period of time.

Utilizes technology of the latest Yamanote-line

By leveraging geofencing technology such as beacons installed in the carriages,
the app can provide the optimal ‘TRAIN’ing program to you considering your needs, travel time, boarding location and congestion status of the train.

The optimal ‘TRAIN’ing for you will be automatically formulated from over 80 programs

Under the supervision of JEXER run by JR East Sports, over 80 authentic ‘TRAIN’ing programs were developed including muscle training, stretching exercises and mindfulness meditations.

You can select either “Seat” “Pole” or “Strap” as your ambient “’TRAIN’ing gear” depending on where you are on the train carriage, and the app will automatically generate the best different program for you according to your location and needs.

Examples:Strap-Snake, Pole-Close-Squat, Seat-Foot-Lift

All programs are voice-guided

A trainer’s voice will guide you. Please use headphones or earphones when using this application.

Collectable badges are awarded according to your performance

Various badges will be awarded depending on training content, number of trainings and distance travelled.
Try to collect all badges by choosing different types of programs!


Japanese / English

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Please be aware of your surroundings when setting up your training program. Ensure you are in a safe place and do not walk around as you are setting up. This application is not designed to be used while walking around.
We will not be responsible for any injuries or accidents caused while using this application.
This application offers exercise programs based on statistical congestion status. However, the suggested exercise may be difficult to follow depending on the surrounding environment.
If a exercise that is difficult for you to do in your surrounding environment is suggested, skip the exercise or discontinue the application to avoid causing any issues with other travelling customers.
We will not be responsible for any injuries or accidents caused while using this application.